About the Artist

Our Beaded Past is the project of Robin Gower, craftswoman extraordinaire. 

In a fruitful life, Robin has worked as a London barmaid, a professor of History and an attorney. Along the way, she has produced a profusion of knitted garments; handspun yarn; elaborate pieces of needlework; fine silver jewelry, hand bound books and endless quantities of rich and scented soaps. She has also produced four fabulously successful daughters, all of whom contribute some part of their talents to Our Beaded Past.

Now Robin has found her most enthralling creative outlet in bead embroidery and bead weaving. She learned her craft from Jean Suleski and the staff of Bead Dazzle in Point Pleasant, New Jersey and from the voracious consumption of books, magazines and websites of the Masters. 

Robin is the sole designer and fabricator at Our Beaded Past.